Welcome to Silhouette Learning Academy.

Hi there! I’m Melanie, a 45 year old, mother and wife who is passionate about crafting with Silhouette machines. I became a member of the Silhouette Crafting family several years ago when I purchased my original Cameo. Over the years I have spent many hours learning the Silhouette Studio Software and exploring the numerous project types you are able to create.

I originally brought my Cameo to explore paper crafting and didn’t use the machine for much else in the beginning. Paper Crafting has always intrigued me, I love the way you can take a sheet of paper and make 3D models. As craft forums became more common place on the internet I realised that there was so much more I could do with the Cameo and expanded my crafting to include vinyl. Vinyl was a whole new medium, and through research and perseverance, I was producing a different kind of craft which enabled me to create professional looking projects. The next progression for me was using Vinyl as a stencil to use with etching cream, and this blew my mind, there were so many possibilities and to the annoyance of my family I found that anything glass or slate that wasn’t nailed down became a beautiful piece of personalised art.

I loved etching so much I purchased a Silhouette Curio, a machine purposely built for etching and whilst it had some limitations on the projects it could produce I was amazed at the results, it also opened my eyes to the software and some of its capabilities. The Studio Software is an amazing design tool. I never been good at art, but with Silhouette Studio I was able to create beautiful profession designs easily at the press of a few buttons.

In recent years Silhouette released a 3D printer, the Alta. I had always been interested in 3D printers but was intimidated by the thought of having to build a printer!! The Alta, a delta style printer, was marketed as plug and play so I decided to give it a go. At first I was a little overwhelmed by this little machine, as I had no previous experience at all in 3D printing, but again after research and perseverance I was printing 3D designs. I love my Alta and highly recommend it to everyone, but you do need a little patience, its definitely not for the faint hearted.

Over the years I have helped many people on Silhouette Forums, with problems . I had been aware of Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Silhouette Instructor Course for a while and loved the idea of becoming a licensed instructor enabling me to help more people and sharing my passion for crafting with A Silhouette machine, but as the course was based in America it was logistically difficult for me to participate. 2020 became a very strange year for everyone and restricted what we were able to do. Due to Covid 19 restrictions Terri Johnson Creates offered this course virtually online, and where previously it had been logistically impossible for me to do the course I was now able to Sign Up. I learnt so much from that course and more importantly how to translate my years of knowledge into a format that could be used to teach.

There is so much information on the internet, but sometimes this can become very confusing. The main problem I found throughout my crafting journey was deciphering and sourcing the materials needed to create a project. A lot of the information available online is based on information supplied by Americans where crafting, and particularly crafting with a Silhouette, is more common place and sometimes some of the materials used are just not available in the UK. At Silhouette Learning Academy I am trying to create a stress free way of crafting. All online projects will include all of the materials needed to complete that project posted directly to your door.